About Mullah Vegasi

Hello. I go by the Name of Mullah Vegasi, this is my nom de guerre.  I write mostly about religion, History, Urdu Literature and sometimes comment on world events. Religion is my passion. I just love studying it. I don’t have any degree in religion, just like Imaam Abu Hanifa and my views are mostly very radical, like Imaam Malik. The reason to blog is to publish my views which differ immensely with the views of the general Muslim consensus. I feel my views–which represent a minor set of Scholars–are more theologically sound and it’s my 50 cents to offer help to God whose religion is getting hijacked by extremist and inaccurate religious notions.

Mullah is supposed to be an honorific religious title given to a Muslim who is knowledgeable in Islamic Theology. But that’s not true and it’s usually given to anyone who sports a big beard–usually unkempt, with a big belly, loves delicious food, is very emotional, and has a superficial understanding of Religion. Such a title is highly revered among the general Muslim masses and it’s because of this status which it comes with and the impact it’s had in our history, I’ve felt obliged to use it myself.

Using Demonym as a pen name is an old age practice of many scholars both in religion and outside it. For example, we have Abdullah Muhammad Al-Bukhari from Bukhara, Uzbekistan, we have Hamiduddin Farahi from Phariya, India and we have Wali Deccani from Deccan, India. In the same way, I’ve used Las Vegas, Nevada, the sin city of the world to refer myself as Vegasi. I think Las Vegas is an interesting place because it represents the polar opposite of Makkah. Makkah is a Holy City, Vegas is a Sin City, Makkah is a center of pilgrimage for all Muslims where they perform Hajj once in a lifetime, Vegas is a sort of pilgrimage for all party goers, where one shall go at least once in a lifetime to see a true party. Even geographically, both the cities have a similar landscape, a city surrounded by mountains from all the four sides. Since Mullah usually carries in itself an image of orthodoxy, backwardness, and something which is anti-modern, Vegasi provides the perfect antithetical ring to it. Whether I am actually from Vegas or reside her, is beside the point.