The Religion of Dogma vs The Religion of Reason

How in reality there are two major religions which every human being belongs to. No Hindu, No Muslim, No Christian and No Jew, but a person of Reason and a person of Dogma.


The Second Crucifixion of Jesus

In Islamic Creed, there is a concept of second coming of Jesus. As per this, the Judgment day will not occur till Jesus will descend from the sky, dressed in skilled robes, east of Damascus. He will descend In the midst of an ongoing war between Muslims and Dajjal. He will end the war by killing… Continue reading The Second Crucifixion of Jesus


The Homophobia of Muslims

Merriam-Webster defines homophobia as an irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. Though I agree, a much accurate version is given by Urban-Dictionary which states it as a severe condition..leading one to inaccurately use bible quoting for the justification of killing homosexuals. The injustice being served to homosexuals in our time is… Continue reading The Homophobia of Muslims