Killing of a 17 year old Nabra Hassanen

A teenager from Loudoun County, Virginia was reported missing a few days back and after a long search, she was found dead. This article goes into more detail about the incident.

Many Muslim Scholars and Celebrities posted their condolences online in support of the victim’s family.

Plus, there was an online protest because this murder/killing and probably even sexual assault were being passed as a Road Rage, whereas many Muslims are of the opinion that it’s a hate crime.

This article talks about how the father is rejecting the theory put forward by the detectives and mentions in detail his reasoning to do so.

What happened was very sad, I pray that God gives strength to her family and I pray that she is admitted in the eternal kingdom of God and God forgives all her sins. I am of the opinion that this is a hate crime. I hope the detectives consider this as one and it’s taken seriously so that such things don’t repeat itself.

One thing which I didn’t notice on the web was what Muslims as a society were doing to curb such a thing occurring in the future. I strongly feel that Mosques in Central and East Coast should avoid Taraweeh prayers in the Masjid. This is because I’m of the opinion that Taraweeh prayer is best prayed at home, in solitude. This was also the opinion of Umar and Abu Bakr. Arguably, the two closest companions of the Prophet. As understood by the following Hadith Narrated by Abu Qatadah in Jami-at-Tirmidhi

The Prophet (S) said to Abu Bakr: “I passed by you while you were reciting and your voice was low.” He said: “I let He who, I was consulting hear.” He said: “Raise your voice.” Then he said to Umar: “I passed by while you were reciting and your voice was loud.” So he said: “I repel drowsiness and keep Ash-Shaitan away.” So he said: “Lower your voice.”

Plus, Taraweeh in this time zone easily goes beyond midnight and it is not very safe for people. So, till things get better it’s best if we can not pray Taraweeh in Masjid. I’m well aware that Taraweeh is a choice, and no one is mandated to pray, but there is always an emotional and social pressure, hence it’s best if the Masjid management takes this matter in their own hand and solve it.


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